Vortragende auf dem Fachkongress

Übersicht der Referenten

Dr. Susanne Winter

WWF Deutschland, Programmleiterin Wald

Dr. Susanne Winter is the Forest Policy Director of WWF Germany and has been working with Forest Landscape Restoration concepts, their supporting and implementation approaches and field projects since 2016. Her forest experience is based on her extended research that she performed for two decades at different forest universities (e.g. Technische Universität München, Technische Universität Dresden). She holds an PhD and post-doctoral qualification in forest science with strong focus on forest ecology and sustainable forest management. Susanne supported the development of a global network on Forest Landscape Restoration within WWF to connect restoration activities and to channel for restoration impact. WWF advocates for the Bonn Challenge and the Bonn Challenge commitments of countries. Hence, WWF is present in the relevant high-level political fora as well as in degraded regions to implement the restoration work. Within the last years, the development of restoration projects under regional initiative AFR100 to restore 100 Million hectares of degraded land in Africa was one of her key contributions for up-scaling restoration.